Beat the Casino: Myth or Reality

An enormous variety of the casino betting systems exists in the gambling world, but hardly the half of them is really helpful. Some of them are proven and often used, but others are sold for quite big money and in general don't help. The most helpful are blackjack betting systems, as they are based on the previous observation of the course of the game. So the skillful and experienced players can really reach the success.

There is no doubt, that the most efficient playing strategy is card counting, as it surely guarantees the beating of the casino and receiving the advantage over it.

One more thing that sets ones thinking: why the inventors of these systems don't want to beat the casino themselves and win enormous sums of money? Why they only try to sell their inventions, but don't improve them on practice?

We offer to your attention four most interesting casino betting systems, which can increase your winning chances, if you'll apply them properly and practically.

Betting Systems or How to Beat the Casino

  1. The Martingale Betting System. It is commonly practiced in the roulette game. The system advices to place the initial wager on red or black sector. If you win, place the same bet again. If you lose, double your initial bet. If this bet wins, take your money and start again with original wager. If you lose once more, double your bet. It is recommended to double till the winning result and only than start the procedure from the very beginning.
  2. Paroli Betting System. The system is opposite to the previous one. The player should raise the wager if he/she wins and vice versa.
  3. D'Alenbert Betting System. According to this system, each wager following the winning wager should be lowered by one digit, and vice versa.
  4. The 1-3-2-6 Betting System. The method presupposes that the player should raise and lower the winning initial bets according to the formula: 1-3-2-6. It is necessary to make in a 4-bet series.