Bingo Interesting Facts

Bingo is a game that has long history and during the years of its existence it has got many features that now make it one of the most interesting and captivating casino entertainment activities. According to historical studies, first games that resembled bingo have been played in 1500, and nowadays this game can still be enjoyed at casinos and gambling rooms.

Modern game of bingo has many features that make it good for different types of players. Though the rules of the game have been changed from the time the game appeared, it still attracts different types of players. You will meet poker players, slot machine lovers, and roulette admirers at bingo rooms, and all of them will have great time playing bingo.

What’s Interesting about Bingo?

To make this game more attractive, we recommend you to look through some of the bingo facts that can not only explain you game rules, but also reveal some of the secrets that surround game of bingo. Are you ready? So let us go on! Check this out and start playing at gaming club casino!

  • Lo Giuoco Code Loto is one of the games that is known as bingo predecessor. It was extremely popular in Spain and Italy in the middle of 16 century.
  • The original name of Bingo is Beano. Bingo is just a slip of the tongue that happened during one of the bingo games.
  • In many countries, for example in Germany, bingo was used as the way to learn numbers.
  • In 1934, more than 10,000 of bingo games were played during one week.
  • USA players spend about $90,000,000 on bingo cards weekly!
  • There are three major types of bingo games: 90-ball game, 85-ball game, 75-ball game.
  • Bingo is played by women mainly. Some sources state that 80% of bingo players are women!
  • Bingo is known as one of the games that have the biggest charity funds.
  • One of the bingo legends states that Carl Leffler, math professor at Columbia University, went insane after developing 6,000 of unrepeatable bingo cards.
  • The total number of possible bingo cards is 1,474,200.
  • The biggest bingo win was hit in 2012. 60 years old player won £5.9 million.
  • Royal Family loves to play bingo!
  • Today there are over 100 million of bingo players in the world.
  • Bingo is equally popular in the USA and UK.
  • Bingo is one of the variations of lottery games.
  • About 96% of all bingo players won game at least once in their live.
  • There are many online bingo halls that hold bingo games according to the schedule.
  • The most crazy bingo legend tells that women who are named Margaret win more frequently than all others!
  • Most of the bingo games last from 3 to 6 minutes.
  • There are bingo games that create patterns not only with the help of numbers, but with pictures as well!

If you want to have a great time playing some of the gambling games, we recommend you try bingo. You should not spend lots of money playing it, as bingo cards are rather chip, but the win you may get can cover not only your costs, but also change your life forever!