Blackjack Bonus

Clearly, craps bonuses won't do you any good if you are a blackjack player. This is why these particular blackjack bonuses will suit you even better if that is the game you are into.

Noble Casino

This is definitely the greatest blackjack bonus online by far. Noble Casino proves a 100% bonus on the first deposit with a massive $1,000 at most! Clearing this particular bonus at a blackjack table happens to be quite easy, too. All you have to do is bet a minimum of twenty times the amount of the bonus, which means that $100 bonuses need bets of $20,000 at least on the tables. This is actually a very easy requirement, most of all if you take the extremely small house edge of the game (0.5%) into consideration.


PartyCasino provides brand new players with bonuses that can reach $500. This bonus has a 100% bonus for the first deposit, reaching $200, as well as three more 100% deposit bonuses that reach $100 each. To clear this bonus, you have to bet six hundred times the amount. For instance, a $100 bonus at the first deposit will ask you to wager a minimum of $60,000 at blackjack.

Take note that this doesn't count for bonus pairs and that betting requirements might be a bit different if your account is based on another currency. Every available bonus will add onto your personal account right away, as well, so they can be put to use at blackjack tables.