Craps Bonus

Recent surveys show that 75% of gamblers online think that bonuses play a vital factor in their choices when it comes to visiting online casino for games like craps.

What to Consider

If you want to find great craps bonuses, though, you will need to take several things into consideration. First of all, make sure that you go through the casino fine print. Several online casinos may provide good deals like free money worth $1200 that can be used to wager on craps games, but although this sounds great and several sites provide this money instantly, reading the casino fine print might actually show that you will only get the money in installments - maybe $100 per month for a year. Now, although this deal is still good, it might not be what you expected when you saw the bonus advertisement for it in the beginning.

Bonuses for Loyal Customers

Additionally, you always have to take full advantage of match bonuses when it comes to craps. Match bonuses tend to be determined by your deposit amount. The majority of match bonuses stand at 100%, which double the deposit by offering up a 100% bonus of it. Several websites provide bigger match bonuses of a maximum of 400% or so. Usually, such match bonuses will be given on the first deposit. However, they are given to more loyal customers in promotions every monthly promotion, too. If you want to play online craps, then these match bonuses would be the perfect way to get a lot out of your wagered money.

Remember that loyal customers that play craps online at the exact same casino all the time will most likely get loyalty bonuses every now and then, as well.