Game Variations

When playing video poker in the form of Faces and Aces, you can expect several ultra-high payouts unlike in the regular games where the payouts depend on getting four-of-a-kinds with Face cards or Aces.

As you start every game, you will only see the very first hand while every other hand will stay face-down. As you pick a card for you to hold, the same card will be shown in any other hand. As you decide to let go of a card, any identical cards will be turned face-down again. After choosing cards to keep, draw for new cards to replace the cards you let go. Every other hand will be revealed after that.

Now, your chances of winning at Faces and Powers will depend on how much you understand the game, as well as on which strategy you choose to get the greatest results in payout. It would be vital for you to understand how each machine's payout table works and which game you play, though. In any event, any winning hand will get payouts depending on the coin bet amounts and values.

After the game ends, your hand value will be calculated before your winnings get added on to your overall credits. You can then choose to gather your winnings or double them. The best hand here would be the Royal Flush and, with it, you could win 4000 coins with a single bet of 5 coins.

How to Play Pick'em Poker

Pick'em Poker is one video poker variation you should definitely look into if you are looking for a simplified version with just two options as opposed to the numerous choices and moves that exist in regular video poker.

The Pick'em Poker rules are fairly simple, and the games are played with the following rules: each games starts with a deck of 52 cards and the first bets are made right at the beginning. You will then be dealt two cards aside from two more. Then, you will have to decide to pick a card to add to your first hand. 48 cards will be left and you will get two more cards to complete a hand of five. Your payout will depend on your overall hand value.