Labouchere System

One betting system is called the Labouchere or Cancellation system. This betting system is a negative progressive system that comes in different variations. The simplest one will be covered here.

Prior to joining a table, bettors should get some paper and jot down random numbers on it. This number set can be long or short and doesn't need to follow any order. Now, depending on the amount that the bettors will gamble with, every number on the list will factor the amount of units that the bettors will place after everything.

How it works

The number series is 5 6 4 1 1 4 3 1.

Bettors will begin by adding together the last and first numbers from the series. So, following this particular example, bettors are going to gamble six units (5 and 1) first. If they win, they can cross those numbers out and move ahead. With this example, the following bet would be nine units (6 and 3).

Now, winning every hand simply isn't possible, so what should the betters do when they lose?

If bettors lose on the very first bet of six units, they won't cross those numbers out. Instead, they will add their loss to the series' end (6). This will make the numbers series look like this: 5 6 4 1 1 4 3 1 6. The next bet will then be eleven units (5 and 6). Either way, a loss will always result in a higher bet next.

Reverse Labouchere

The system of reverse Labouchere refers to a system of positive progression as opposed to a negative progression, which means that losses don't necessarily refer to higher bets - as with the former - to get the money back.

When it comes to reverse Labouchere, every win will result in the bettor adding the number onto the series' end as opposed to crossing the outer numbers out. However, if a loss occurs, the numbers will be crossed out before they move ahead with the next outer number set.

What is great about Labouchere is how easy it is. Every bettor just needs paper and a pen and it can be used right away. Bettors will be aware of their success if every number has been crossed out. Reverse Labouchere also exists for novice bettors and players with a low bankroll.

One downside does exist with Labouchere, though: when players get losing streaks, they will need to keep betting more each time a loss occurs. This means that bettors need to begin with quite a big bankroll, -unless their set numbers are low, anyway.