Parlay Betting System

Technically, the betting system of Parlay isn't actually a system, but more of a betting philosophy or short-term whim. Still, it is a strategy with which you basically have to plan your actions out prior to a session and stay with that plan. Now, although playing systems won't change the fundamental roulette playing odds, they might be able to help you play methodically, while giving you a fixed plan to exit at the same time. This is great - provided you understand their limits, that is.

What is Parlay?

Parlay bets refer to bets that equal to the bet before (including the winnings). A lot of people call these "let it ride" bets. Naturally, the system of Parlay uses these bets and since your bet will go up after each win, it is called a system of positive progression (as opposed to negative progression like the roulette system of Martingale where the bet goes up after each loss to try and get losses back into a positive territory). Another variant of Parlay involves you saving profits while you play to build a positive bankroll balance overall.

You simply need to find the winning streaks in order to accelerate any winnings throughout "purple patches". Therefore, by definition, this only works in small bursts. The problem is learning when to stop. By stopping when you're ahead, the system can prove to be great. However, if you happen to be a bettor who constantly runs after wins, this system will not work for you. What you need is an extremely tight plan right from the beginning to learn when to stop the sequence. Is this after two consecutive wins or three? You make the decision, but it would be best to set a plan up beforehand and stay with it. It would be horrible to make things up as you go, so avoid doing that - no matter what!

This system would be ideally played on bets of even money like black or red, as well as on 2:1 bets, such as columns and dozens. Do not use this on straight bets unless the table is completely covered or if you have a big bankroll. Either way, you will hit the limits of the table fast.

How It Works

It's simple! Place a bet. After each win, keep your original bet and the winnings. So, if you make a red bet for $10 and win, make a $20 red bet next.

To emphasize on this again: this roulette system is simple to understand, but it is hard to know when to stop, so make plans prior to the session - this would be the most vital part.