Slots vs Video Poker

There are two casino games they seem to be rather similar for casino newcomers. Most of the players who visit casino for the first time cannot differentiate slot machines and video poker. They seem to be identical to them. Of course, experienced players do not make such mistakes, but sometimes even they can be confused especially when the machine is turned off.

Both slots and video poker are played not at the table, but at electronic machines which have screen where the game interface is shown. But if you look closer to the screen you will see the video poker machines depict cards and poker table, when slots have 3 or 5 reels and different symbols on them.

Though many gamblers think that these two games are very similar, that is false. They are absolutely different and below you will find explanation why.

Slot machines

Slots is the game of pure luck, each casino player knows it. Everything you should do playing slots is pull the lever of the machine or push the button that activates spinning reels.

Slot machine types are numerous, there are really many of them and no one can tell for sure their total number. You can find some part of them playing William Hill slots online, but anyway, browsing Internet you will find games that are not offered at this website.

Though first slot machines had connection with poker game (and that has been preserved in another name of this game – pokies), today you can only find some very slight echo of poker is slots. There are machines that have symbols of the cards, like 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.

Video Poker

In spite of slot machines, video poker is not a game of true luck. Besides, it is a real poker game with only one player at the table. The number of video poker variations is not very huge, but still there are some of them.

All video poker games are based on classic poker variation – Draw poker games. Still, each of them has some traces that make them absolutely different from other games. For example, all of them have different types of hand that can be created during the game. That is why even if you are a confident poker player, you should check the hands that are used in video poker game.

The payouts of video poker also differ for slot machine payouts. Besides, there is no jackpot prize in video poker games, so you may only count on the payouts that are offered by the game itself.

As you can see, these two games are very different, but they both are interesting to play. Try both of them and you will be able to choose which of the games is better for you. We bet this game will be loved by you forever.