User agreement

Personal Information

Usually, when we get website visitors, we do not require personal information. But if you want to avail of our newsletters and promotional offers or wish to use our services of gaming, we may require it. Giving us personal information is totally voluntary, though, and you can opt out of it with any email that you get from us.

Any personal information that we get on our website won't be given out to anybody else and will only be used as mentioned earlier.

Because of the website content that is mainly static, we don't hold sensitive information about players, like financial details in the form of credit card and account numbers. We also don't keep account passwords. Instead, we merely keep certain promotion details as requested by players, which are hidden tightly behind SQL authentication.


A wide use of stateless web beacons is implemented, which basically means that we are aware of the traffic that goes through our websites, but don't directly tie into the people who browse the website. Whenever you download something, we simply put cookies in that will aid us with tracking and stats. Cookies refer to bits of information that a server sends to a browser of a user. (Web servers refer to web hosting computers that, in turn, reply to users' browser requests.) Cookies might have information in them like registration and login identification, online information on shopping carts, and user preferences. The browser usually saves all of this information before sending it to the online server after the browser goes back to the site. These are then used to personalize the user's display or to keep track on various website pages that he goes to. Browsers might be personalized to alert users when cookies are sent and to accept or refuse said cookies. Several sites can't be visited without accepting cookies, though.

We might use your information to get in touch with you for service checks that ensure that your internet experience is easy and enjoyable, and fits your personal expectations.

Information regarding your website behavior and habits might be used along with various research results in order to execute and plan online campaigns of advertising on various websites.

Right now, we are contracted with some online partners in order to optimize and manage our online communications and businesses properly. We use marketing company services to aid us in measuring how effective our advertising is and see how visitors put our website to use, though. In order to accomplish this, we put cookies and action tags to use that the marketing company provides for our website. Any information that we gather can help us find out what type of customers we attract, which products interest customers more and which types of offers customers like seeing. Even though the marketing company keeps our website information for us, we are still the ones in control of how this data is used or not used. If it is preferable for you not to help us make our website, offers, marketing strategies and products better, you can always opt out from this analysis tool.

This policy will always be updated as technology asks us to for user benefits in finding out that we are staying technologically updated. We will mention any privacy policy changes on our webpage for a few weeks. Occasionally, this privacy policy might be updated and in such cases, we will revise the update date, as well. Therefore, it would be encouraged to review this statement periodically, so you can stay up to date on how we protect your personal information. Your continuous use of our service constitutes as an agreement to our statement, as well as any updates thereof.