Video Poker Odds: Play the Game Properly

Video poker odds are extremely important to take into consideration while playing the casino game. They vary according to the video poker game variety, but the basic principles are the same.

Video Poker House Edge

The video poker is quite convenient game, as the gambler has the possibility to win in the long run play. You think, that it sound too easy to be true, but this is a real fact. Of course, you should know the game strategy perfectly and choose the most suitable playing machine. Choosing the optimal strategy will decrease the house edge and enhances your winning chances.

There also exists a great variety of welcome casino bonuses that means you don't need to spend your own money, but can try playing the game.

The Jacks or Better Video Poker game house's edge is about 46%. It means that you can lose 46 cents from each $100 over the long run. In this case the most profitable video poker variation is Deuces Wild game, where the player has 76% advantage over the casino.

Video Poker Payout Odds

The video poker payout depends on two main factors:

  • Correct play
  • Playing the right slot machine.

The second one presupposes playing the "full pay" machine and correct understanding of the pay table.

Full pay machine in Jacks or Better game offers 9 coins for full hose poker combination, and 6 coins for flush.

Full pay machine in Deuces Wild Poker offers:

250 coins - royal flush without deuces

200 coins - 4 deuces

25 coins - royal flush

15 coins - 5 of a kind

9 coins - straight flush

5 coins - 4 of a kind.

Knowledge of the most common video poker odds will help you to improve your playing skills and receive the profit from it. For better understanding of the video poker strategies and odds, you should necessarily consult the game charts. They'll give the full conceptual understanding of the play.